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Tiktaalik, from the Nunavut Territory, Canada, has dazzled the scientific community and the world media.

"Fishapod" from the North!

Gaps in the fossil record are diminishing.

The dramatic discovery of Tiktaalik roseae has provided an impressive and informative transitional form between lobe-fin fishes and early tetrapods. Dubbed a "fishapod", Tiktaalik is one of several recent discoveries that have greatly enhanced our understanding of the evolution of the first tetrapods.

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Red Hill:
Late Devonian Window

While much attention has been shifted to Late Devonian investigations in the Canadian Arctic, Red Hill continues to provide an exceptional window onto the world of the first tetrapods. This Famennian locality hosts a diverse assemblage of tetrapods, lobe-fin fishes, other fishes, invertebrates and plants

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Opportunity Knocked:
Tetrapods Answered

The Devonian Period (417-354 MYA) was a time of profound changes in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. These changes set the stage for the evolution of tetrapods and their expansion onto the land.

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